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Originally Posted by amiman99 View Post
I'm using Real A1200 with 68030, did not tried it with WinUAE yet. Try to use A1200 config with 4MB fast ram and 3.1 WB. Try to use NTSC screen mode and no graphics card emulation.
Already wrote this out once and my connection threw a wobbly and I lost my original reply (I normally copy it first, but forgot this time, and was unable to go back )

I changed my setup to 68030 CPU, with 2MB of chipRAM and 8MB of fastRAM (originally I just had 8MB of chipRAM). It seems many (all?) games created using Backbone require lots of fastRAM to run without any issues.
I managed to complete all the levels within the current demo


- Graphical glitch left on background from main character block (only seems to appear since switching to new setup).
- 2 levels (I think the ones with the moving circle objects) do not end straight away like the other levels. You have to walk further to the right to end said level and access the next one.


- Add level number to display at the bottom (it will help us debug the game too )
- Level 1 is the hardest of all (8?) levels. Move it to level 8 and shift the others up.
- If you can, make this for the I-phone too. I think it is ripe for a potential big hit - simple concept that is very addictive.

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