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Originally Posted by nobody View Post
Well think about it. CPS1 has better resolution,

runs 60hz,

there is possibility for 3000 colors on screen from 65536,
Wrong. This coin-op system use a fix palette of 256 colors. But for easyness for the devs, they have access to multiples palettes.

has 256 sprites per scanline, the max. sprite size is 256x256, has 3 tile layers,

384 KB video RAM,
The VRAM contains references in word boundaries for tiles. As such, 384kb kilo is here a huge memory.

games have size as big as 8 mb or more, zero loading times due to ROMs. Last but not least games made by professionals for a huge crowd (arcade).
It's a little monster. You cannot expect miracles here like running same quality games on Amiga 500.
Getting it on A500 is not motivating at all. Doing it better on 1200 is really cool
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