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- Difficulty steep for 1st level, perhaps make it a little easier?
- Can camera keep controlling block in centre of screen (height-wise) as unable to see block platforms when they go downwards alot
- Score should be incrementing (small amounts) all the time like racing games.
- Progress bar, so I can see how far I am through the level.


- Using 68000 CPU (WinUAE), 'illegal function call' error just after drawing the 2nd level.
- Switched to 68040 CPU (WinUAE) and 'illegal function call' error after pressing Start button (specifically after platform blocks drawn and 'character' block is about to appear) and before playing level 1!
- Has anyone else tried the skip level method? I can't get it to work on my WinUAE setup.

Gameplay tip: Use left and right when jumping to extend jumps or help land in tight spots.

Edit: I see amiman99 already mentioned my tip!
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