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30 second love dungeon challenge!

Love dungeon is a single screen game where you control our hero who has 1 minute to collect all the hearts, easy right? Sure but how about beating your personal best time or the world record!

It's all about getting the perfect route and perfect run down that route.

There is no adult content in this game it's just a suggestive title really.

Coded in 100% asm it should work on all amigas, if it doesn't let me know.

I've tried to make everything smooth and intuitive and gone for a 1980s Konami feel (hopefully).

If you do try it, please let me know what you think, good or bad...

Beta 3 is in the zone, pretty much all the presentation is done now. A little more polish, nice title music and 1 or 2 small bugs and it should be ready ☺

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