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Originally Posted by nobody View Post
Well think about it. CPS1 has better resolution, runs 60hz, there is possibility for 3000 colors on screen from 65536, has 256 sprites per scanline, the max. sprite size is 256x256, has 3 tile layers, 384 KB video RAM, games have size as big as 8 mb or more, zero loading times due to ROMs. Last but not least games made by professionals for a huge crowd (arcade).
It's a little monster. You cannot expect miracles here like running same quality games on Amiga 500.
I agree 100%, although I'm sure that miracles were what some of us were expecting back in the days when looking at the screenshots on the back.
Hopefully no-one is expecting a miracle with this, but a playable version made by amateur fanatics.
I agree also with some of the sentiments earlier in the thread - I enjoy seeing the conversions regardless of the obvious compromises made from the arcades. R-type on the spectrum and later amstrad version springs to mind. Of course the Amiga version was pretty good too (which conversely was expected of the Amiga).
None of this alters the fact that I (and others) are potentially nuts for bothering with this - but the Amiga scene is made of people that for whatever reason support the machine.

Originally Posted by Steve T View Post
If you keep the clouds perhaps think about some dithering to blend them in a bit... If you're trying to improve on the graphics further, Its presently pretty much the same as the arcade and looks great, but there's not much detail on the underside of the roof either and enough colours in the palette to add some flood lights, some more panels/structure there, keeping the contrast on any additional detail really low of course.

I'd perhaps be willing to have a go myself, (just to improve the clouds perhaps) using a real a1200 and my amiga tablet + deluxe paint. I work professionally as an artist for 10 years, and have worked in the games industry on everything from Indy's to AAA productions.

I understand that the team probably has all the people they need, my contribution may not be wanted, and I couldn't promise a lot of time to devote to it, nor would I want to butt in on someone's territory either, someone who's probably invested a lot of personal time so far... so my apologies to whoever is concerned (Turrican 3?).

Might be fun though.
May I make a bold sweeping statement here and say that I doubt Turrican3 will be upset if we get more help (he's always trying to get me more help, actually!)- and to say that we don't need it would be just wrong. There have on and off been a lot of contributions including critical input - what I will say is that no contribution will be forgotten when it comes to credits, and the more the merrier. The fact that Turrican has grown in confidence as the project has progressed is a great help - it means that when I get the time I have to concentrate less on doing everything solo - and of course the music is already taken care of at least for HD. In part I owe it to those involved to make something of this work, if at all possible - and if others help then of course it makes it all the more likely to become a reality.
I was half thinking of putting up another 'advert' here encouraging 'recruitment'. I think for now it's easiest to say that if you want to get involved there's plenty of room of plenty of work. PM either myself or Turrican3 and we can take it from there!
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