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Originally Posted by flibble42 View Post
The previous persons post gave me pause to check this out.

A problem with cd+g playback that i reported many versions back and you fixed as i remember seems to have re-appeared.

If i insert the image in CD32 quickstart mode and

1. Play track 01 the screen remains black no graphics
2. Skip to track 02 or start on track 02 the graphics appear
3. Skip back to track 01 the graphics appear

Just a heads up Toni and as always thanks for the great work.
Works for me. (Never assume anything can be duplicated that easily!)
Also there is possibility you posted in wrong thread, no information if it happens with in previous official version..

In other words: all useful information is missing. (All CD+G images? What compatibility in config? Anything in logs? What was the old problem? No context, don't remember anything)

EDIT: Rock Paintings, Smash Hits and New York tested.

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