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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Not a fan of the added clouds, I'd rather the graphics were exactly the same as the arcade.

Why is it called AGA when it uses 32 colours? The graphics look great, but they'd be better if they had the full palette available.
Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
How about 2 versions, ECS and AGA?
Good questions. To clarify, we are using (edit) 22 (actually 21 ad 0 is transparent) colours for characters and 9 which are free for stages which can obviously be 'recycled' by the copper. What turrican has achieved here is the image without copper colour changes. This is all basically ecs graphics of course.

We have in mind 2 versions- far easier to have different executables for each. The AGA version will give the best quality for low end AGA machines because of the increased fetch mode - also using the only means i can use to produce parallax.

this us the primary version. ECS compatability is there but parallax scrolling would rely on me learning a new trick - namely proper 'old school' sprite multiplexing as opposed to the kind of AGA fake being used now. That said, it would seem only proper to produce something playable for as many machines as possible if we can get therewith this main version. Parallax or no. I'll stop there- typing on phone is utterly tedious!

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