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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Not a fan of the added clouds, I'd rather the graphics were exactly the same as the arcade.

Why is it called AGA when it uses 32 colours? The graphics look great, but they'd be better if they had the full palette available.
At first, we didn't expect it could run on ecs but leathered give it a try and it works.
Even on aga, it's difficult to raise the numbers of colours without loosing some speed.
It's a question of choices, at the first look, i was like you : why not go for more colours but leathered did the right choice (i think)... The graphics are good (i think) and it preserves the speed and i like the idea to make it available to more amigans even for the guy who has a vanilla 1200.
But the min spec is already to have more than 200 kb of extra memory.
But we could perhaps make a version without music and it could be launched on a vanilla amiga but really the musics that addrdesign did deserve to be listened, he did an incredible job.
For the clouds i just added it to make a little different version than the arcade... Because like someone said here : if i want to play a 1:1 version, i have mame or my x68000.
It's leathered who tell me if he likes it or not, it's always a wip, the clouds can be removed with no times, i just give more choices to leathered.

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