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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
Looks like for the Arcade version they went more for more shades of gray and brown rather than actual color.

I see that the AGA version has been moved to Autumn instead of taking place in summer (check the bushes)
That's why you have clouds in the miggy version.
It's even an ecs version, we try to don't exceed 32 colours and we have a beta which works on amiga 500 (winuae).
It's not easy because i have to reduce the colors, but i have to keep the colors of all characters too (23 colours) this range of colours are the same for all stages, it just let me 9 colours to deal with.
making a 32 colours instead of 64, ask a lot of efforts but it will improve the animations... But i'm not sure we will keep the game compatible with the ecs, we will try but we have more stages to converts and i don't know if staying under 32 colours will always be possible... If finally a next stage looks like a shit, we will perhaps have to switch to 64 colours.
edited i have to change 8 to 9, big mistake lol !

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