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Originally Posted by Ami_GFX View Post
Ok, here are a couple of minor graphics problems that I've had that have been occurring in the last few betas. The first is that when I first boot in native mode, the display is not full screen but a reduced image in the upper left corner. If I hit F12 and then "OK", the display goes to full screen. Once the display goes into RTG mode, the display is full screen from then on. This doesn't happen in the last official version.
winuaelog.txt needed (from latest beta with the bug and last working beta without it), thanks.

The second only occurs in OS4 when I start Imagemaster RT. When I exit the program, the display background is black. When I click on an icon, it appears. To recover the normal background, I have to switch display modes. This doesn't happen on my real Amiga but I have a Cybervision 64 and I can't say for sure that it wouldn't with a PicassoIV. The only other OS4 compatible native mode program I have is DpaintV and it doesn't do this.
Switch to Direct3D mode first. DirectDraw can have problems with hardware RTG emulation. (It seems you have D3D mode enabled but miss full DirectX runtime which is needed for D3D support)
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