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Originally Posted by fondpondforever View Post
Didn't realise it was the case only, sorry about that. Does any of the EAB User's have an Amiga 4000 that they actively use. What's Video Toaster like? How much do you think the Commodore version would sell for? Were there any exclusive 4000 games.
I have quickpak A4000t and the AmigaTechnologies ones(hey all use the AT motherboard). Putting a value on them is hard. a basic one usually sells for $1000usd mark on US ebay but i have seem them go higher and lower.
They are great machines. The value is basically what you are willing to pay for it. Scsi on amiga has always worked well,the 4000T scsi is rated 10MB/s and i see around 9MB/s with low cpu usage. The 4000T's come with lithiumcoin batteries,so no worries about leaking battery.
Other than scsi it is not much different than the desktop 4000. If you want the fastest speeds in any big box amiga add a aftermarket accelerator like a cyberstorm ppc or MKII,MKIII etc which give fast scsi and 128Mb of 32bit ram. stock 4000(T) has a max of 16MB motherboard ram and its fairly slow.
Some Quikpak models came with the Quikpak 060 accelerator, arguably the fastest accelerator memory wise since it is the only one to take advantage of edo ram.
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