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Originally Posted by Ashesman View Post
Yes PAL-SHIRES and LACED seem to be ok see picture
but NTSC-SHIRES seems to have blurring .

My scart to HDMI converter still works better by removing flicker but has minor
ghosting when playing games.

but the VE208T with rgb to vga adapter I didn't notice ghosting or motion blur.

Tickled by just connecting I will Have to look at different ASUS models to see if they have same results.

note: this is the vga/dvi model with speakers the plug would be next to power port.
Which adapter are you using for HDMI/Scart? How bad is the ghosting on games? Is the motion smooth, just blurry?

Trying to find a good solution to replace my 1084, without buying a add on board installed in my 500/1200/2000/

This monitor may do the trick, but perhaps the HDMI adapter might be good too.

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