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Originally Posted by brett71 View Post
At this point, I tend to agree.

In my humble opinion, we have a good number of very skilled crackers here (with experiences both back in the day and today) and the tools available for cracking are light-years ahead of where they were 20 years ago. It would be awesome for these guys to take on the challenge of doing THE definitive 100% cracks for some of these games that have so many different cracks, versions, alternate disk dumps, etc. Don't nuke the old ones, but set aside a new area for these new re-cracks or long-needed proper 100% cracks.

Huge kudos, of course, go out to guys like Galahad and Stingray, and the many others who are already doing this.
yes. and rather than butcher up the tosec set maybe an all new elite 100% only set would be a good idea.
if there is more than one 100% version existing by more than 1 cracking group then include both versions in the set and the gamer could choose whcih version he or she would like to play using the version cracked by the cracking group of his her choice safe in the comfort that the game will be 100% completable.
if there is more than 1 version carcked by more than one group i never know which would be best to play and always wonder does more than one cracked version exist because a cracking group done a bad crack anmd someone else fixed it.
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