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Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
2014 100% cracks... Only way to go.. IMHO of course
At this point, I tend to agree.

In my humble opinion, we have a good number of very skilled crackers here (with experiences both back in the day and today) and the tools available for cracking are light-years ahead of where they were 20 years ago. It would be awesome for these guys to take on the challenge of doing THE definitive 100% cracks for some of these games that have so many different cracks, versions, alternate disk dumps, etc. Don't nuke the old ones, but set aside a new area for these new re-cracks or long-needed proper 100% cracks.

Huge kudos, of course, go out to guys like Galahad and Stingray, and the many others who are already doing this.
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