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That's still way more effective than something like Steam Early Access titles are though, where the percentages are basically the exact opposite.

I don't participate in Kickstarter projects myself but I see its true value - its not a guarantee in anyway, its a method for fans to fund the development of a game and have a chance of games they actually want to come to life - a game in which no evil moneygrabbing publisher was involved to utterly murder the outcome in the name of stockholders.

But therein also lies the problem; Kickstarter (for games) is fueled mostly by emotions and nostalgia - the heart rather than the brain. Hearts can be broken, and when it does then the brain will come into play again and notice that the wallet is lighter with nothing to show for it.

On that basis I'm not too happy with Kickstarter. I want such propositions to be all business until its done.
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