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i would remove that battery...yesterday! the longer it stays there the more damage. the 2000 will run without the battery fine, it just wont hold time.
you can use lemon juice or vinegar or soemthing acidic to clean the battery area and neutralize the battery leakage. scrub it with a toothbrush. wash it off with distilled water followed by iso alcohol, dry it well before powering it back up.

the "jumper" you refer to is likely a factory upgrade, likely you have a older motherboard with some upgrades. it could be a rev 4.x board upgraded to 6x.. might look for stickers like 6.2 or such.

The 4000 does not use the same bus as a 1200. the A1200 is full of bottlenecks compared to the 4000.
The A4000 is a full 32bit machine, It has a zorro3 bus unlike the slower zorro2 bus in the 2000. the 1200 would be crippled as far as bus expansions(and you would have to tower it for a video slot and zorro slots(which are only z2).

As far as price, amiga is quite expensive, its a old machine and upgrades are sometimes hard to find-the law of supply and demand apply here.

that is not to say you can't do things with the 2000-you can!

some expansions are.:
3.1 roms and workbench 3.1
accelerator upgrades - (can be costly).gvp3001,gvp gforce,csa derringer,ivs vector,ACA others.
ethernet cards- x-surf,A2065,hydra ethernet(amiganet),plipbox(diy project)
video cards- picassoII,picasso IV,gvp spectrum,and others.
pc bridgeboards- activate the isa slots -A8088,a2286,a2386,golden gate 386/486. as well as kipper2k have some nice upgrades.
check out Amiga Resource for hardware information and the big book of amiga hardware.

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