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WHDLoad help for a confused person!

Hello all! A few weeks ago I uncovered my old A1200 and I decided to fix it up so I could use it again. I bought a flash drive from Amigakit and got that installed, then I put Workbench on there and that's good, then I installed Syndicate and I've been having a jolly old time Persuadertronning people. All is good!

There's an unregistered version of WHDLoad on the drive -- I believe this is standard for Amigakit gear -- but I have no idea how to start using it as I can't find any step-by-step documentation.

I think I have installed WHDLoad; I wasn't given the option of the basic install and had to pick the intermediate option.

What do I do next? How do I install my games?

I'm sorry if this is bleeding obvious but I can't get my head around what to do. I thank you for your patience in advance.
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