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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
He's probably just sick of being nagged about it. I'm sure he hasn't given up on it, this is StingRay we're talking about here. He's capable of doing anything.
People nagging me about is is perfectly fine, thing is, I am not every day on EAB so sometimes miss what people post in this thread. I'm in contact with ADRDesign via PM and also have other people (from the Amiga/PC demo scene) who contribute to this project.

Besides, I'm still doing other stuff as well so it's not a 24/7 project for me, quite the opposite actually.

Originally Posted by Xenon View Post
Any news about this conversion?
At the moment I am converting all the graphics data so I can draw all stuff in a native Amiga format and drop the ST->Amiga screen conversion stuff as I do not like that. This will take a while and since I have to do stuff for Revision as well, there probably won't be many news to report before Easter 2015.

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