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Originally Posted by nobody View Post

Amigapd what program you used to separate tiles? I had some success with tile studio on PC (1 pixel border around all tiles).
I've manually copied them from the Crystal Dizzy tile set using Deluxe Paint IV- the reason being, that I plan to add my own tiles for the main game.

In response to earlier quesitons, I don't think it is possible to add parallex scrolling, but I am only looking at the adventure skeleton disk.

In terms of music files, I haven't looked at that yet, but I recal reading somewhere that there was mod file support added. The package probably does use its own music file system, in the same way that it uses its own graphic and map file format.

The area which I will need some time and help on is understanding the flag setting part of Reality - I ve worked out how this is used to include baddies and set movement patterns - what I need time on is how use it for actions involving objects. It shouldn't be too difficult, if we use the sample game as a reference point.

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