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Installing WB 3.1 in WinUae to be used in a real A600


Please can you advise me on something?

I have an Amiga A600 and I have just recently replaced the internal ROM chip to v40.63 so that I can install WB 3.1 . I am currently using a 4GB compact flash card which has been working a treat under WB 2.05.

So far I haven't got around to downloading the adf's for 3.1 and installing onto my CF. I have just been trying to get my head around the best way to do it.

This is how I hope to do it. Please advise me if this is possible and the best way to do it.

In my WinUae configuration I have the ROM image from the older ROM version. 37.350. On my CF card I have three partitions. 1 for system 2 for work 3 for stuff. Can I use the old ROM image to install WB3.1 into my system partition? Then the plan is to physically move the compact flash card across to my real Amiga A600 and boot from that using my new ROM chip I have fitted inside?

Also, I did notice in some of the WHDload games that I played with the older WB that the access speed from the CF card had a tendency to be quite slow. For example if there was music playing during the loading of the game it would quite often cut out while the CF card was being accessed. It would then start up again. I remember from the tutorials I read that the max transfer rate had to be altered to 000F (I believe) so that data transfer would be more reliable. Is this the case or can I speed things up a little to remove the frustrating cut outs?

Thank you for your time

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