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Originally Posted by amiga_fan View Post
I'd recommend you to try Icaros Desktop 2 (see here for more details: );
you can run 68k Amiga programs (under emulation) in "coherency mode", that is to say, seamlessly integrated in the Aros host!
What do you mean with seamlessly? Do the 68k programs share same filesystem (you can access for example USB sticks from them), can you use their AREXX ports from main OS? Is the clipboard shared? Do they look the same with window borders&gadgets to native programs?

(In case you don't know, Aros is an open-source implementation of Amiga OS that runs on commodity hardware (read: PCs);
Icaros Desktop is an Aros distro).
But you have to remember that you can't run existing Amiga binaries directly under it, they need to be recompiled or run within an UAE box. MorphOS and OS4 let you do that, and they also run classic PPC software too. MorphOS is the only OS which also runs both PUP and WOS software.
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