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Haven't read this article yet, but it looks damn interesting! As much as I don't really like these mags which are "cashing in" on this whole "retro" gaming fad, I think I'll check this one out

I think the most important thing to note is that not everyone is actually "archiving" the games for historic purposes. Personally the only reasons I play these games are because

a) they were good when they were released
b) they are still bloody good fun now
c) i can't stand pretty much most of the trash games released today

still, there's probably even fewer of us collecting the music from said "old" games and demos, the history of which has already been totally destroyed by this so called "industry" and has already reverted to CD based audio tracks!!! the consoles of today are so standard, the only thing thats different about them is the amount of polygons they can shift in a millisecond and the games that get released on them (and hey, even most of them get ported to all formats!)

so in conclusion... i'm not an archiver, i'm a player
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