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Originally Posted by ancalimon View Post
OS4.1 is running great on my A4000T (604e@400MHz) It's just that CVisionPPC (8mb) struggles a lot and 128mb ram is not really enough.

Amithlon is like using a very fast Draco. No Amiga custom chips.
O$4 does NOT use custom chips either; so both Amithlon and O$4 are on the same boat.


I'd recommend you to try Icaros Desktop 2 (see here for more details: );
you can run 68k Amiga programs (under emulation) in "coherency mode", that is to say, seamlessly integrated in the Aros host!

(In case you don't know, Aros is an open-source implementation of Amiga OS that runs on commodity hardware (read: PCs);
Icaros Desktop is an Aros distro).

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