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Originally Posted by AnnaWu View Post
CD32 emulation with FMV module

Toni, I tried now the CD+G (Karaoke) and VCD (non game disc) support and it works.
About VCD Karaoke I am not sure.
I have no idea what kinds of VCDs FMV module officially (or unofficially) supported.. More important was to get all FMV demos (included with some CD32 games) to play and of course including Cannon Fodder video, VCD is only a bonus

CD+G has nothing to do with FMV, it is included with CD audio player.

Even CDTV supported it but it was not automatic and needed extra button presses and it was not possible to switch between player and CD+G graphics on the fly, probably due to subchannel data requiring polling without buffering nor DMA (read byte by byte, 96 bytes/CD frame = 96*75=7200 bytes per second = 144 bytes/PAL frame, about one byte/2 scanlines, using CPU and CPU also needed to render the graphics at the same time!) CDTV-CR seems to use same system as CD32, CDTV-CR and CD32 both transfer whole subchannel frame automatically and have hardware double buffering, without need for main CPU.

Originally Posted by Arling View Post
Many thanks for your interview in Amiga Forever.
I think you meant Amiga Future.

I don't know if This is on any use:
"Data sheet" contains mostly useless internal high level block description, more or less same as in original motorola documentation. Not going help unless they release lower level internal details of the chip. (Assuming it is internally same as original 68020)

Diagrams seems to be from original motorola documentation (with some small changes), too high level. Nothing new there.

(btw, not really beta related, will be moved later, maybe)
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