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I try to collect all the games on systems that used floppies, and every GOOD game for systems that use CD's.

Everything old becomes new again to the next generation, and the old generation looks back with nastalgia for toys of their youth.

I owe a debt of gratitude to all the people who backed up/cracked/distributed games back in the day because now they would be impossible to find in any state.

I always wanted quite a few computers when I was a teenager but couldnt afford to buy them untill way after they were obsolete.

I love corvettes when I was in high school during the early 80's and ended up getting a mint 1981 corvette in the late 90's. There are multiple companies selling parts (you can order every part ever made and construct a corvette from all new parts if you want to) for that car if I ever need one. There are very few companies selling games for 80's vintage IBM PC's. Even ebay has very little offered for the classic age of PC gaming. If it wasnt for the War*Z groups most of the titles would be lost forever.

While pirating hurts companies to some extent its not as bad as they make it sound. Piriting windows 3.0/3.1 made microsft what it is now, Rampant PSX pirating also helped that system become on of the most profitable/popular consoles ever made.

I think software companies should release their distributed code to the government , and that code (finished product and source code) should then be available for free download 10 years after it was first marketed (its obsolete by then and usually hasnt been marketed for years). This information should be available at all public libraries online (maybe small charge for it to be burned on cd and mailed to you). This would be educational and will save the information for later generations in an easy to find/catalog way.

The government backs up files onto many mediums as it is, but 100 years from now there will be nobody alive who understands how to do anything with it.
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