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I have created a very quick blog post on my website - explaining how to import IFF format tile / sprite sheets into reality - Tutorial 2 will show you how to use the tiles in the map tool to create a room.

Reality Game Creator - Tutorial One - Using the Graphic Convertor to convert sprites / tiles to GRA format.


Welcome to our first tutorial for Reality Game Creator.

We are looking at this package with focus on the Adventure Game skeleton Disk which allows you to create a Dizzy Adventure game.

The graphics tool in reality is very basic and therefore we recommend you use a stand alone graphic package like Deluxe Paint and import your tiles and sprites sheet.

To do this you need to remember two things.

Firstly colour 0 is used for transparency
Secondly, colour 1 is used for importing the tiles and you therefore need to create a border for each tile/ sprite in this colour.

Once you have created your tile or sprite sheet in deluxe paint you need to load up the Reality Master disk. Then select Graphic convertor from the options.

Once in the graphic convertor - select load IFF. In the example below we are loading in dmtiles2.iff

Once you click on OK the file is loaded in. If you have given your tiles / sprites a border using colour one, then Reality will automatically grab them.

To see if the import has worked correctly, check the top right hand corner where you will see the text – Number of images in memory – if this number is greater than one then your tiles / sprites have been grabbed ok – in this case 165 background tiles have been identified.

What we now want to do is save this background tiles in the GRA format used by Reality and therefore we click on Save Tiles

To use the tiles in your game, you need to save the file to your skeleton disk.

You need to overwrite the TILES.GRA file which is located under the main files directory on the skeleton folder.

This is the end of our first tutorial. Tutorial two will look at using the tiles in the map editor to create a room.
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