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I am a monthly subscriber to your magazine and I am always disappointed to not see more Amiga coverage - of course I am biased
This makes two of us =)

Thing is though, I do ask myself, what more could really be done, after all it is a Gaming magazine. I do enjoy the programmer interviews, retrospectives and minority reports, so I do wonder what more could be done.

Unfortunately I seriously doubt most readers would be that interested in the hardware, the nuts and bolts and how to get those said nuts and bolts to shuffle, dance and rumba effectively.

But perhaps a focused retro-radar segment where you can focus on a particular scene like the Amiga demo / games dev or even give a bit about the big-box A2000 / A3000 or A4000 systems.

Obviously such a focused segment could look into other systems like the humble Amstrad CPC, Spectrum, C64 or even MSX scenes as well as Mega-Drives and SNES.

All in all I do enjoy the magazine, my favourites are the obscure systems, the programmer / developer interviews. Keep up the good work
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