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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
That's a terrible idea. If someone was to download, say, a Paranoimia crack which wasnt 100%, fix everything wrong with it, and then reupload it, it's no longer the Paranoimia crack. These cracks should be preserved intact, fully working or not.'re right about 'accuracy', but gods sake if a paralamia crack is fucked up, they did patches at these time to fix their mess right ?

This is why i say that about fixes and correction

So you're right, and i'm right too, so what to do ?

Not to mention, catering for people without hard drives and fast ram is a complete waste of time. It's 2014 for gods sake.
Indeed, we have gotek drive and also HxC drive emulators in which we can put an Sd card with the whole tosec if we want to
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