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SND: how far reported audio position (from sound driver) is from optimal/predicted position. Should normally stay inside +-30%. Large positive values don't cause glitches but increase latency (and see FPS), small negative will break sound (buffer underrun)

CPU% is approximately how much host CPU power is in use. Should never go above 100%. (Above 100% = guaranteed sound glitches, FPS going down)

FPS should stay very stable most of the time (+-0.1), larger jumps means something stole time from emulation or sound was so far ahead of predicted position that there was no free sound buffers left (would have resulted in overrun), emulation was paused until there was free buffer space again. (Keeping sound glitch free has priority). Host display mode switches, window resizing etc.. can also cause temporary FPS drop (and SND% jump) which is normal.
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