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Window mode SND CPU and FPS indicators...


In Windowed mode, on the bottom right-hand area, there are three indicators: SND, CPU, and FPS. I have vague idea what they indicate but can someone tell me exactly what they mean and how I should read them?

fe: SND's value varies widely from +/- 100%. What is this saying? The fact that it goes into negative has me particularly baffled. Also, CPU, is this the PC load or emulated Amiga's load? Again, FPS, I'm sure it's telling me that the emulated picture is updating at the 50fps (?) but I've had it drop a bit at times. Does that mean that my PC is not powerful enough to run the emulation at the 50fps I requested in WinUAE's settings at that particular moment (maybe when something requiring a lot of processing power is happening within the Amiga emulation) ?

Sorry for being a thicko but, well, I am.

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