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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Use WHDLoad then. No point complaining about a bad crack when in most cases a perfect crack is available.
i'm a bit of a noob and i've never used WHDload on the xbox version of winuae. i know it don't support ipf files which sucks but maybe whdload files are supported. so far i've been playing games loading a simple adfs with the right config and for the most part everything is good.
i'm far from complaining. as i mentioned i have the utmost respect for the amiga scene of past and present, but when it come to the tosec set and it seems others here agree that it would be a cool feature if bad cracks were labled and also maybe verified good cracked games were labeled.
i know such a task would be an huge undertaking but if all known amiga releases are to remain included in the tosec set for the future for the reason which s2325 mentioned above, which is a very good point i might add, then the idea of pointing out whats good and bad would be very useful indeed.
if this feature were to be added in the future i would personally delete all the bad stuff, but it's good that bad cracks and versions with rare intros are preserved also.
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