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Well if my Blanking plate works then I'll possibly build them to order

I am still not 100% of what I am gonna do but... I might get some veroboard the length of the 1200 mobo, then solder the opposite ports needed for each socket, and then instead of having 2 million wires coming out, I'll have 1, which will then goto another piece of veroboard with the correct sockets on

The veroboard the 1200 end would be lined up perfectly so it'd just "push" into the ports on the back, obviously the Diskdrive, power, audio etc.. that are not going to the back will need bypassing... I am still thinking about this!

I am still buzzing with Ideas.. tomorrow I'll rotate the mobo, and see how it fits, I'll also wire the Amiga plug to the ATX case, and make the on/off switch and hopefully pick up some blue L.E.D.s and resistors, and get them attached and working
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