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Originally Posted by Strider View Post
I'm pretty sure I apologised about what you're talking about and it's my bad. I'm am also more than happy to look at the other games you've worked on (I'm assuming we're having the right conversation ).

We've got big plans for the Amiga, so I certainly want to get more content to appear on a regular basis. It's obviously important to remember that we are covering around 40 years of history and it wasn't just the Amiga that happened in that time.

I'm just aware that our ties with the Amiga community aren't as good as they could be and I'm trying to rectify that.

I dunno champ, I don't recall an apology, but i'm also not that thin skinned that I was too bothered or needed one, so apologies if I gave that impression, I was no doubt in a piss because of something the missus said (anything she says!).

Yes, Amiga wasn't the only machine, but in the annals of 'history', its sidelined quite a lot as well, considering how much of non-machines both the NES and Master System were in the UK, the coverage both enjoy in UK publications is frankly a mystery to me.

Maybe you want to cover the piracy/cracking scenes of various machines?

And maybe cover the software industry's rather simplistic acceptance of what various hardware manufacturers told them about the security of their machines........... One particular software company were all out for Playstation because piracy was apparently nil....... until they were shown a Bulletin Board that had downloads for ALL their current Playstation titles...... sick as a parrot I think the term is!
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