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I like the magazine, but frankly your communication skills with people are piss poor, and you know full well what i'm talking about.

In this day of instant communication, its not really on to not keep people abreast of whether or not you want a certain plan to go ahead or not.

On a lighter note:

I'm in agreement with others, I hate top ten/25 lists of anything, its page filling nonsense, one persons top ten game is another persons bottom 50, top lists are subjective to the person writing the article.

I would like to see more Amiga coverage simply because from a history of the software business, it was quite simply one of the most important machines that existed.

Without it, there would have been no Psygnosis worth Sony buying (and then fucking discarding! Sigh), lots of the major talents in the industry have a VERY Amiga centric background, and I feel the Amiga is given far too much of a raw deal when it comes to retro gaming publications (not necessarily Retro Gamer) in general.

I picked up a book in a Garden Centre (shush back there, I was dragged there!), and I think I saw the name 'Amiga' once, and a mention of three games in a 300 page book of Amiga games, the rest was console and early 8bit, its as if when the C64 and Spectrum died, everyone went out and bought Megadrives and SNES's and the computer 16bit era didn't happen

Do some interviews with people currently in the industry that hark back to the days of Amiga and if necessary Atari ST.

Hey, maybe to a guest spot each month with an outside writer?
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