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Okay last attachment for now

basically this pic shows my plans for the front and back of the machine and where I plan to put the ports etc..

After seeing Jon_The_Prongs tower on Ebay I decided to do this, now he has put all the ports in the PCI blanking plates.. I plan to put them where the ATX Mobo ports are..

I also plan on getting/making a roboshift mouse/joystick selector so I can connect 2 joystick and a mouse together, the roboshift changes to the correct device after pressing fire on the device

I have also decided to put the RF and Composite for completeness!

The diskdrive and power sockets are not needed, as they will only be internal

I plan to put the audio ports on the front with a headphone jack, I hope to be able to automatically cut sound to the external audio when headphones are plugged in, so a simple amplifier maybe.. any Ideas?


If you look at the front number 3 & 4 are switches (on/off & reset) now these switches are transparent, so I hope to make them light up when the power is on

The power l.e.d I am going to make into the floppy drive l.e.d
and the HD l.e.d will remain where it is, but it is behind a larger transparent cover, so I am going to try and make the whole thing light up

Finally I will remove the USB ports and put the phono&headphone sockets there..


SO guys what are your thoughts so far, and any tips?

p.s to get an ATX PSU to power up, at plug that goes into the mobo there is a green wire (only the 1) now simply connect this wire to ground (any of the black wires) and voilla..

Now someone with some basic electronics know how will be able to connect it to the on/off switch and add an L.E.D (Dont forget the resistor tho!)

Look HERE for more info

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