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Reading the manual makes things more complicated. Seems color 1 (second), cannot be used as it is reserved for grabbing tiles & sprites (color 0 is the first).

Grabber is used to grab your images to sprites or tiles. Working out on their restrictions.. Scrunch and scrunch all is used to auto crop images you grab manually. Remember color 1 not to be used for graphics, it will hang the program.

You can view your sprite/tile bank after you grab with View images button.
Swap between will swap grabbed images to sprites / tiles.
Get image will get grabbed image from sprite/tile bank you made with grabber to edit in this window. Number of bank is to the upper right (Current image=...)
Put image will put the image you see in this editor to the bank number you see upper right (Current image=...).
Move right, Move left will move the bank number (Current image=...).

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