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Originally Posted by Blitter View Post
1st problem - I get a Workbench alert: "Volume has a checksum error on disk block 2536". Is there a way to check which files are in this block? Is it fixable?
I clicked 'Retry' a few times with no luck so clicked 'Cancel' and it carried on copying the rest of the contents of the drive to the CF Card. Would like to know what's missing though.
You should not use Workbench for file operations. It does not show your all files. And it stops an operation at the first error. Use DirOpus or the like to copy files. It will tell you which file is bad and allows you to skip it.

2nd problem: When I put the CF Card in my Mac to copy the files off, I'm (unsurprisingly) getting errors with files that have ? in the filename.
Is there any way in the CLI to search the entire Amiga drive for filenames with ? or ! in them (and remove the offending characters if poss, if not I can do it by hand once I know where they are)?
IIRC this was discussed in an emulation forum just a few days ago. Use the search function.

3rd problem: Not really a problem, but when I've dragged a floppy onto the CF Card, the Mac then sometimes shows a folder called Trashcan within the floppy's directory. It appears to have no contents. Why's that? (can't remember how the Amiga dealt with deleting files, TBH)
If you delete a file in AmigaDOS it is deleted permanently. If you want to keep a copy you can drag it to the Trashcan on the same volume. A Trashcan ist just a directory which has the "empty trash" menu item enabled. Nothing magic.

4th problem: On the Mac the creation dates for all files are today. The modified and last opened date is retained (though out by 1hr for some reason) so I can copy the modified date to the creation date. All folders however have todays date, is there any way to retain the original date when copying onto the CF card on the Amiga? Did the Amiga not have a seperate Creation datestamp as part of the OS, BTW?
AmigaDOS maintains only one date per file, the last changed date. The other two dates have to be guessed by the destination file system. So it is correct that the creation date is today (the copies were created today, weren't they?) and the last opened date is probably set equal to last changed.
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