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Just for Akira

Okay I have started the ball rolling..

I have managed to put the 1200 mobo into the atx case, I dont have a digicam so I have had to draw my plans and scan em (I am taking photos though!!)

Attached is a drawing of how the 1200 mobo is currently sitting in the case, it is attached to the plate that a PC mobo is usually screwed to.

I lined the mobo up with the holes on the plate then marked and drilled another where the holes on the mobo are result = it wont go anywhere

I do have my reservations though..

If you look at the drawing the IDE i/face is on the opposite side of the case to the HD bays, meaning I would need really long cables

Also the diskdrive and joystick/mouse ports are awkward to get to due to the 5.25" drive bays..

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