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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Its been a while my friend, it is good to read you =)

Originally Posted by Retrofan
Zetr0 don't worry about old versions of PPaint, they are now co-owned by Cloanto and A-EON, and they will be mantained by both of them.
Being maintained is good my friend, but it is much nicer to see old software get continued support.

Originally Posted by Retrofan
I was worried too as since some months ago I want PPaint on my next -few days left- update of AmiKit Real, but both Cloanto -M.C. Battilana- and A-EON -AmigaKit- are helping me to let the user download and install the old version if he wants to.
To be honest my friend, in my humble opinion you shouldn't of had too since it was already available in the public domain. I just feel its a very poor move to request the removal of the software that people have enjoyed, without restrictions for quite some time.

My only concern, if I have one, is that this particular move on behalf of A-EON looks bad form for them. This is so unfortunate when they need interest, or more specifically - good will - from the community in the project that they are doing.

Actions like these are damaging to any business that trades on a name or good will and the community has a very long memory. This makes it harder for those in the community that want to support commercial projects increasingly difficult.

Weather or not the earlier versions find a home on a site for download by A-EON or not, this should of been done first before removing it from AmiNet. Like it or not, people are possessive, and lets be honest, its not like the Amiga Community to miss out on yet another drama

It is just a shame, a little forethought could of gone a long way to bolstering the good news of continued development and support as well as brought a lot more interest of the product to the community.

Arguably my statements here are made in hindsight, however if they had given me a phone call.... I could of helped

Its easy to see why some see this action in a more negative light, perhaps even going so far as to suggest an attempt to force sales.

But then, I wonder if its a moot point since we are all talking about it, perhaps not in the way that the new/old/once upon a time owners wanted.
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