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Hey guys, I tested a Creative USB Sound Card which I picked up cheap on the other Bay, I'm pleased to say it works with the RapidRoad! Plugged in and immediately it was picked up by Trident and the lights came on...

Went to AHI Prefs and as expected right at the bottom of the list USB Audio 16bit Stereo++

First test was to try an MP3, sadly my 040 @40mhz wasn't man enough to decode the MP3 and drive the USB Audio, it worked but the audio was very choppy and the system was unusable while the track played. Even with 128kb MP3 @ 11025khz. I think a fast 060 or PPC would be able to do it just fine since AmigaAMP works on PPC too this would be ample speed.

However some good news for 040 owners, as long as you're not running something that obliterates the CPU it works perfectly, I was able to test ASP which is a spectrum emulator which has AHI and the sound was crystal clear. I imagine Amiga CD Games that work on 020/030 with AHI support will be fine too, I need to do some more tests. I tried Quake but as above there was too much CPU load to do clear sound, it was breaking up just like the MP3's

Overall a successful test and yet again the RapidRoad just works!
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