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Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
Someone had a sense of humour bypass? Seriously though I thought Australians were game for a laugh.

Yes, your post was a little too cryptic. Have to wonder though if 8.1 and Kiosk mode (didn't know about that) would be any lighter on resources. I did look into WinFLP as well. I've also used nLite and similar tools but XP does seem lighter to me.

Also HDD space is limited to 1Gb DOM on the box so another plus for XP as it is easy to get an install down to 700Mb or less

Windows 8/8.1 is pretty close in performance to normal xp when slimmed. Pretty good on cpu/memory - better than windows 7/vista etc. however it does use a fair bit of hdd tho). Catch is your cpu must support NX, PAE and SSE2. Look at win8reducer.

And yes I'm fairly humourless these days. My 1.5 year old waking me up at 2am seems to have a negative impact on my cheery disposition.

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