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It could well be a coincidence, but SFS is definately the cause of the boot software failures on my hardware. I've tried it several times on each partition, FFS cold boots every time, where the SFS one leaves me with software failure 8000 0004.

Can someone please test another niggle I have with this filesystem?

When I copy some games from 1 SFS partition to another, they don't work anymore. Frontier and Dune 2 are two such examples. The file is physically there, but I get "Unable to open your tool [name]".

Now when I extract from a zip file off a zip disk to an SFS partition, it's fine. Cloning thereafter to other SFS partitions is when it happens.

I remember seeing a very similar problem many years ago on a mate's A1200, but I think he was using OFS. Copying files within the hard drive rendered games unusable. Must be scrambling the data somehow.

What is the recommended maxtransfer value for SFS? In case that has a bearing on my problem.

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