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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
Most Amiga games were harder than console games. You need more skills and patience to check everything while there is another game waiting for crack. Even if Amiga gamer found partially non-working game it was easy to copy another release which was not possible when you have cartridge-based system.
this is why i have a lot of respect for all the crackers and release groups from days past in the amiga scene. unlike with the retro consoles in which only very few games ahd some form of copy protection the amiga seemed to have protection for a huge number of games and sometimes from my understanding the protection could be rather complex. cracking all these games and making sure they all worked perfectly afterwards is an huge undertaking spread amongst various cracking release groups and it's understandable that not every crack released would be 100%.
it's a shame that over time that a romset which contained only the good releases and fixed releases was never produced. once again this task in itself would be an huge undertaking. from what i gather the work done on the commodore 64 gamebase set is rather extensive and results in a good and clean set.
i used to have the same trouble with c64 images before i discovered gamebase64 in which i would never know which cracked version would be a good or bad one. i have never tried the amiga gamebase so i don't know if it is as clean as the c64 version or if as much dedication as been put into including only the good cracked versions of games and so on.
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