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Hi I saw your original post and joined this forum just to say I have 64 original NBS pd discs. All in their original packaging. Only ever been run up once as I used to make an immediate disc to disc backup copy. Don't know if you ever discovered a disc catalogue ...but can quote the disc numbers if of interest? Did some Googling ...but I am afraid imaging is probably beyond me ( - Oh, also got a few Kadsoft and more cover discs from Amiga Format than I can count!

Just been through and these are the ones:

NBS DISC NUMBERS: U257, U258, U259, U640, U349, 632, U242, U214, U215, U222, U220, U619, U618, U344, U270, D347, D342, D074, D545, D537, G131, G136, G112, G113, G109, G138, G137, G126, G133, U266, L004, G163, A115, G199, U609, U608, U607, PU192, PU115, L010, L002, LPD8, E008, A097, U325, G155, F62, G129, D153, G117, U241, U226, M172, U264, U284, G153, U302, U304, U246, U301, G152, F251, U321, F243.

*Just discovered I do have their catalogue disk!

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