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Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
It is great to see fully functional cracks being released in 2014... I hope that the TOSEC sets are flagging bad cracks and we are making sure that the 100% ones get into TOSEC sets at the same time... Both need to happen!
i agree. i love the tosec set but it is a also a mess. it would be better if all the bad cracked and dodgy adfs were removed.
for example i was playing spellbound dizzy from the excellent dizzy adventures compilation cracked by FLT and i got to the part where the game breaks when you select the rubber snorkel. i looked online and found numerous people with the same problem, i then posted about it here and stingray was taking the trouble to make an extended adf of the game and people were saying use a ipf version which does not work on xbox uae.
then a went back to the tosec collection and grabbed the version cracked by flashtro and that version worked fine and i completed it. problem is the state save i had from the broken FLT version was incompatible and i had to redo the entire game again which was a real pain because the game is a bit of a grind.

i forgot to add that even though the goodset romsets for consoles are riddled with bad dumps and hacks at least the user can identify a good rom by looking for the (!) in the filename. and the no intro console sets are very clean indeed. it's a shame that tosec for amiga is not organized this way. i hate playing a game a few levels to find it's messed up half way through.

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