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ah so then directx 12 is not in or in partly ?. I notice in P96 benches lots speedup. I use the nvidia driver that is install, when win 10 is update with windows update. In hd-rec software synthesizer is a benchmark, that measure the time, all notes of the song need redraw. I use full hd and same song with fit all notes in(when press the fit button). win7 64 need 34 ms and win10 64 need 21 ms. also the RAM usage of win 10 is more than 1 gigabyte lower. normaly in windows get every version slower and slower and need much more RAM, so i avoid to upgrate long time. But win 10 is a real rocket. because it is written that win 10 should be faster, i test it early and i can say it is true. On windows music software 2 ms is possible, with win 7 only 4 ms was possible. when i have time and fun, i try directX from M$ page to see if it still have the same speed or if the attached to win 10 is faster but miss some features
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