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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
This is the last winuae i test in windows 10 64 bit. all winuae bring when they start a message that directx should update. Thats strange. normaly directx 12 should run. I use a fullscreen direct3d setting and the boot on chipset screen is very slow. but when then the P96 screen come, all work fast. Most important was for me to test the latency and timing with AHI 16 bit driver. Here windows 10 is much better. In win 7 64 i can only use 8 ms latency in hdrec and soundblaster z. with win10 64 i can use 5 ms and copy of files under windows do no crackle.

Have somebody test winuae on win 10 too ?. maybe there need direct x install, but on autoupdate no newer direct x is see.
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