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Originally Posted by stu232 View Post
How do the PPC machines execute classic 680x0 code, do they emulate it?
Both OS4 and MorphOS do this in the same way. They have OS3.x compatible API and 68k CPU emulator with JIT (Petunia on OS4 and Trance on MorphOS). 68k emulation is always running and it's transparent to user. User doesn't even notice if he's running native or emulated programs. Emulation is so good that you can even use 68k system components on the new operating systems (libraries, devices, datatypes, commands etc). Emulated programs also run very quickly, because whole Amiga isn't emulated. Programs mostly use PPC native compatible components when they run.

Because only CPU is emulated, 68k programs must be coded system friendly way. If they try to hit original Amiga hardware directly they don't work and must be run on UAE then. Games, demos and maybe some older audio applications are the most problematic to run directly without UAE, but some newer of them which are AHI and RTG compatible do work though.
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