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AmigaOS 3.9 problems...

Has anyone else had problems with OS3.9 compatibility? I've noticed one problem after the next, and it almost makes me wonder if the upgrade over 3.1 is really worth it.

For one, I can't seem to get hardly any WHDLoad games to work. Most of them will just crap out, and the ones that did work on OS 3.1, don't work in 3.9 (and occasionally after they quit to workbench, the harddrive will spin madly; I guess it's revalidating something?). Also, everytime I reboot (ctrl+Amiga+Amiga) the power light will flash and give me a GURU error, which I have to click the mouse in order for it to boot (another reboot during this screen makes it crash again). It seems like most of these problems happen after installing Boing Bag 2. After installing Boing Bag 2, I had to rename Amiga ROM Update (even the original, which worked BEFORE BB2). I would be insterested to know if the ROM update from BB2 works on any Amigas AT ALL. If I boot from floppy, I never get guru errors.

A4000D (in a modified AT tower)
gvp A4008 SCSI
24meg fast ram
3gig IDE Western Digital (500meg workbench partition 2.5gig storage partition; both SFS)
32x pioneer SCSI cd-rom
4x4x24 mitsumi cr-4804TE
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