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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
As I said elsewhere its just moved location.
Sorry, but this "just" means nothing and everything. There are several reasons mentioned why this action was a very bad idea. Btw. I don`t think this is offtopic.

IMHO the best for everyone would be to put the old archive back to Aminet.

Im still at a lose as to why everyone things Aminet should have everything to do with Amiga.
I personally very rarely use Aminet when setting up my HDD's, I mostly get whats needed from devs sites etc etc.
The offtopic part:
Aminet is (and always was) one of the most important parts of Amiga. A company, a single user or a usergroup is less important. You never should ignore this fact. Maybe people don`t know that or forgot it. If someon don`t use Aminet then he maybe cannot know.
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